Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bhagat Puran Singh farm shows way to organic farming

Usmeet Kaur, Hindustan Times  Amritsar, May 07, 2014
First Published: 08:34 IST(7/5/2014) | Last Updated: 08:37 IST(7/5/2014)

There is a unique sense of sereneness and tranquility that prevails over the Bhagat Puran Singh farm, run by All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (AIPCS), around 20 km from here. There are ten women and seven other workers, who are busy handling various jobs in pin-drop silence. All you can hear is the birds chirping, calf bawls, cow moos and cat meows.

The courteous staff at the farm welcomes the HT team with a glass of pure milk and jaggery. Suddenly someone calls out ‘Saheba aaja’ (Saheba come). One looks around with the expectation of a pretty young lady coming there, but is surprised to see a cow approaching them instead.
The bovine animal in question is none other than ‘Saheba’ the wonder cow, which the farm staff is proud to call its own. And during her sojourn of eight years at the farm, ‘Saheba’ has assumed a celebrity status with big-wigs like chief minister Prakash Singh Badal and yog guru Ramdev requesting to have a glimpse of her during their visit to the farm.
“She is a wonder kind. She comes running pushing the herd away when she is called. She opens the gate of the enclosure by unlocking it herself and reaches the sitting area, grabs a bite from her masters and returns to her place obediently,” said manager Jaswinder Singh (an ex-serviceman), who is working here for the past eight years.
Rajbir Singh trustee, All India Pingalwara Charitable Society, Amritsar, intervenes and calls her name and she does not shy away from showing her skill of opening the gate on her own and coming to her master.
Jaswinder Singh reacts, “Ajj kal tan bache vi aakhe nai lagde, eh jaanwar hoke ik awaaz sun ke aundi hai (These days even children aren’t as obedient as this cow who comes running on the first call).”
He further says, “She just listens to me and master sahib. I got her eight years ago from Rajasthan area.
She was young at that time. Though her right ear is defective by birth, but still she is special.
He maintains that the farm has cows named Peeya, Jatti, Rani and Priya. “They too respond when called by their names, but there is no one like Saheba, who can unlock gates and reach the masters,” he added.
Jaswinder Singh says that as the cows were special to the farm, due care was taken to feed them nothing but fodder grown organically at the farm itself.
Dr Rajbir Singh adds, “Even CM Prakash Singh Badal came to witness the farming and natural techniques that we use to keep 32.5 acres of our farm fertile, he asked for Saheba and we showed him our responsive cow. Baba Ramdev also visited the farm and was impressed by her unique presence.”

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