Friday, June 13, 2014

PM cites example of Sikkim as Big Organic producer..

Following statements from the PM's reply on motion of thanks on President's address in Lok Sabha (11-06-2014) :

" Giving the example of Sikkim emerging as a big producer of organic food, he asked why the entire north-east cannot be made an organic hub to meet the emerging global demand for organic produce. He said we have agri-universities, but the transition from "lab to land" is not happening to the extent that it should. The Prime Minister said his promise to reduce inflation is not an empty slogan – it is a resolve, because the poorest of the poor too must have sufficient food to eat. "


It is necessary that every Govt. ( individual, office, body, institute, etc.) is supported when positive words are spoken or effective steps are taken, so that statements get implemented and steps taken are ensured in positive direction.  

What each one of us can do, is write to the PM personally at It will be good to simply send a congratulatory note in support of PM's statement, while urging him to make available organic food i.e. without toxic chemicals and GMOs to all in entire India. 

Each one writing on own as an individual/citizen will make a huge difference, more the merrier.

All for the Best !

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