Thursday, October 6, 2016



Vanvadi heartily welcomes you to join its annual Vanutsav from Oct 11, Dussera, to Oct 16, full moon. This year, we return to the theme of our first Vanutsav, a decade ago -- 'Sharing Creativity, Celebrating Community'. We also propose to revert to our old 'open agenda' format of participants volunteering specific activities, gatherings, workshops, ... without any predetermined agenda.

The REQUESTED CONTRIBUTION is Rs 600 per day for adults, and Rs 300 per day for children, inclusive of food and stay; but more or less are equally welcome! Whatever you contribute -- in cash, kind, work and goodwill -- will help Vanvadi continue its activities, and remain a delightful place for sharing inspiration!

Also, you could come for any number of days through the period 11th to 16th October. You could also consider making a day visit. Oct 11th is Dassera, and it would be lovely to celebrate together.

If you plan to attend, PLEASE EMAIL with cc to Nikhil Anand <>, hormazd m <>, Kapil Aggarwal <>, Sneha Shetty <> so that we know how many people to expect, and can plan accordingly.

For all the sense of oneness and connection that the forest offers, there is very little phone and internet connectivity .. (Thus, most of our phones will be unreachable as we leave for vanvadi)

Vanvadi is a collective organic forest farm (more forest than farm) in the foothills of the Sahyadris, between Mumbai and Pune, about 100 km from Mumbai, and 10 km from Neral station. It aspires to evolve into an ecological forest village community. Presently, it offers accommodation (in newly build mud and brick house with a mezzanine floor, with a view of the stream) in a lovely natural environment, without grid electricity or piped water. Staying at Vanvadi is like a nature camping experience! If you would like to spend the night, please do bring along a sleeping bag or at least 2 sheets and a mat, as the nights may begin to get a little cold. Also, bring a torch, swim wear (there is a lovely rock pool), comfortable footwear. If it is convenient for you to bring a tent as well, please do so.

Consider bringing a musical instrument you play, or ingredients for any food item you would like to prepare for the community. Or seeds you have of any natural varieties of useful plants ... Or anything else you would like to share.

And please avoid bringing plastic packaged stuff, chemical products, ... that may pollute the soil or water. There will be healthier alternatives to toothpaste and soap, packaged stuff and computer screens :)

DIRECTIONS TO REACH VANVADI from Mumbai or Pune are provided here:

Come Come and soak in the bliss of celebrating togetherness and festivity in the forest.... We trust you will find it an experience to cherish and remember!

Vanutsav team

PS: Please feel free to share this invite with any friends who may be interested. Thank You.


  1. Been there n times....experience to cherish...stimulating company..

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