Asin, who is quite fond of adventure sports, recently had a blast while on a vacation to Bali.
A source said while in Bali, Asin indulged in water sports like jet skiing, snorkeling and sea walking.
Asin added, “Bali is one of my favourite travel destinations. I am a complete water baby so it is an ideal place to unwind.”
The actor also has a farmhouse in Vagamon in Kerala and personally looks into its maintenance. It is her family property and where she spends most of her summer holidays when she was in school. Many of Asin’s friends from the industry have also visited the farmhouse.
Director Rohit Shetty commented on seeing her farmhouse, “If I ever had such a beautiful house, I would never feel like returning to Mumbai.”
Apparently all food is grown organically and there are cattle for fresh milk and swans on the property. Asin paints and loves reading and whenever she is at the farmhouse, that is exactly what she does.

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