Saturday, August 2, 2014

ASSOCHAM, lawmakers discuss ways to sort 'Challenges for Agricultural Growth' in India

ANI  |  New Delhi  
August 2, 2014 Last Updated at 19:05 IST

Themed on 'Challenges for Agricultural Growth', an interactive session organized here recently by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India(ASSOCHAM), saw the industry body and the lawmakers of the country discussing on efforts needed to put agriculture on the next level of growth.
In his address, Anil B. Jain, Chairman, ASSOCHAM Agricultural and Food Security Committee, and Managing Director, Jain Irrigation Systems on Thursday, urged the MPs on behalf of the industry body to adopt some do's which he listed before the audience.
The list goes like this:
1. Map agriculture in own constituency and prioritise technical innovations and investments-using Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) mode.
2. Recognise agriculture as an industry.
3. Ensure effective agricultural college/University in each constituency.
4. Ensure that Public Sector Unit's (PSU) will use CSR funds for agriculture.
5. Ensure maximum fund usage from MGNREGA to create infrastructure for farms/ agriculture.
6. Debate subsidy elimination to be replaced with viability gap funding.
7. Request seven day session to hold discussion about agriculture. Invite experts/farmers.
. Increase agricultural budget of central government at least five-fold.
9. Giving dignity to farmers and farming as a profession industry it as an category in civilian awards like-Bharat Ratna.
Speaking before the audience, Ashok Khanna, Chairman, ASSOCHAM States Co-ordination Committee claimed, "India was now surplus in food and he rallied for adopting organic farming, as he debunked the myth that surrounds around it that it costs more and reduces productivity."
Many Members of Parliament (MP) also later on took part in the meet, airing their views and by giving their suggestions to the industry body.
BJP MP, Rama Devi raised the issue of how could the produce in the agriculture could increase and how reform in the sector could be ushered.
Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and BJP MP sought for something exemplary in respect to indigenous cattle breed, organic farming, using dripping techniques that will highlight its success stories and make it attractive.
Another MP from Maharashtra, Dilip K.M. Gandhi said, farmers who face hardship due to floods , hail storm, drought find any help therefore called for a system that could help them out. He also stressed on the fact that the farmers should diversify its agricultural produce in one particular area. (ANI)

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