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Y V PHANI RAJ/ HYDERABAD : Perigreen Safe Foods is a start-up supported by Perigreen Group of Companies. Founded in 2013, the company focuses on affordable healthy food products as opposed to the organic foods, and these food products are priced on par with the regular items.
Nikhil Kuruganti, CEO, Perigreen Safe Foods, says, “All the food that we are dealing in has extra-health benefit than its conventional counterparts.

Perigreen tying up with farmers to improve farm practices, procure produce

Brown Sugar has Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium while white sugar has none of these, just White Calories. Rock salt has low levels of Sodium and has more Potassium. Sodium and Potassium imbalance can cause several health problems. This helps in maintaining blood pressure levels and also checks the body weight. Regular chilli powder is infested with pesticides. But our chilli-powder is chemical-free.” We are working hand-in-hand with farmers and are demonstrating the best farming practices in lands near Shadnagar and Ibrahimpatnam. We are working with farmers in Guntur for low-chemical chilli farming and buying the chilli produce and getting turmeric from Raichur in the same mode.

This way we are working with 2,800 farmers and encouraging them to reduce the usage of chemicals. We are providing the technical assistance to the farmers in dry and arid areas and are buying the produce that has lower chemical exposure at better prices than the market. By focusing on natural fertilisers, we are encouraging the farmers to save cattle.” “We help the farmers get better loans/ finance, provide technical assistance with the help of a team of scientists who talk to the farmers in villages, aggregating larger farmer groups to create a larger impact after educating them what seeds to use and seed treatment.”

The company also approaches local vendors and involve in labeling of chemicals used in fertilisers based on the danger they can pose to crops. Perigreen also is sourcing cereals, pulses and millets. Since the logistics is a challenge, the company is exploring what level it can take the farmers’ ties in the space of vegetables and fruits.
‘Rural Reach’ has been initiated by Perigreen Safe Foods to reach to the rural producers of India. “We are providing farm advice, inputs and sometimes monetary support along with a buy-back facility at better price. The only requirement for this is that the farmer has to adapt better farming methods.”

Good food is high-priced; limiting its consumption. The farmer is continuing with chemical farming practices in an anticipation of high yields. With harmful farming practices, both health of human beings and environment are getting adversely affected. Organic food with its high cost certification is not able to reach the farmer. The spiral of environmental damage and hunger is plunging the human civilisation into an even deep crisis. The company operates two mobile stores and supplies farm produce in about 13 locations in Hyderabad. It plans to go to more villages and touch base with more farmers and also get more buyers of its branded products-such as multigrain flour, turmeric powder, chilli powder, brown sugar, natural honey.

He said, “We are working to develop rural hubs that will be an answer to the safer food problem. We are organising village-level meetings to explain the importance of better farming methods to the farmers. To attract a greater mass, we are offering them a better price than the market. We take 2-3 week on-field classes and then organise them into groups that will monitor the chemical usage, water usage and other factors.”

“We also help these communities by providing help - advisory, input and buy-back at a higher price than market. We also provide periodic field visits of the qualified professions to these hubs to check for any symptoms of disease, deficiency or any other trouble that will affect the output and timely solutions are provided,” Kuruganti added.
The company may go for fund raising next year.

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