Friday, February 27, 2015

Event: Farmer's Haat - 1st March 2015, 11AM to 6PM @ Pune

Dear Friends,
Please drop by between 11am and 6pm this Sunday 1st March, and buy your week's groceries directly from the people who grew them!
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Wanted : Volunteers for playing ambient soft music during the day. If you can or know someone, please contact! Like Flute or Guitar. Non-electronic, no singing, only soft music to build a nice mood.
Yes! It's not just a regular buying activity.. there will be art installations, performances, music and celebration too. Bring the whole family!

Farmers near Pune connected with Sheela's and Apulkee's network are coming with their produce. There will be organic and low-to-zero-residue produce on sale. Please support this initiative by buying your week's groceries here! Please bring your own carry bags. The farmers will be getting the full sale price; nothing going to any middlemen. And equally important is the chance for the farmer and the consumer to meet and get to know each other, build relationships, plan a trip to their farm if possible. This pilot event (at a smaller scale than a full-fledged farmers market) will be very helpful in figuring out the transport logistics, on-the-spot needs, people's response etc and will contribute towards organizing full-fledged farmers markets in the near future in Pune. We want to invite anyone who is interested in taking this concept further to come and meet and discuss. Please reach back if you're one of them!
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Poster text:
We are a group of like-minded people who have similar questions and concerns about the role of farmers in our society and the present situation they are in. Once in a while we need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but we need a farmer every day, three times a day. Through this Farmer’s Market we want to communicate that “IF YOU ATE A MEAL TODAY, THANK A FARMER”. We invite all the people with a similar interest in bringing about a change, to create a thriving and sustainable community for thoughts and ideas in taking this collaborative effort further.
Venue: TIFA Working Studios, Hotel Shalimar, near Pune Station, Sadhu Vaswani Road, Pune. Landmark: Vijay Sales / Pune station bus depot
Pune, India
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