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EVENT : Beyond! Organic Farming Course conducted by Deepak Suchde

Using technique & approach of Natueco Science & Philosophy
as practiced & learnt from Late Shri S.A. Dabholkarji.

Natueco Farming tries to establish the dignity of farming, to prove that farming doesn’t need to be dependent on any external inputs of fertilizers, pesticides and expensive seeds to show results of extraordinary quality and quantity.

Natueco Farming follows the principles of eco-system networking of nature. It is different from organic or natural farming both in philosophy and practice. It emphasizes harvesting the sun through a critical application of scientific inquiries & experiments that are rooted in the neighborhoods resources. It depends on developing a thorough understanding of plant physiology, plant geometry of growth, plant fertility and plant biochemistry.


with Yoga & Meditation classes

Conducted by certified Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre instructor Beata using very safe & therapeutic teaching approach of yogacharya Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar), Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre and Himalaya Shanti Ashram founder, who during 37 years  experience of self-practice, teaching and healing has very much deepened his understanding of Yoga & Meditation as well as brought a big input into the Guruji's B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga.

The Yoga & Meditation part of the Course, immerses the participant into the essence of this science, teaching both its aspects, philosophical as well as practical. It is a study of corrective, rejuvenating / energizing and relaxing / meditative postures. Student learns everything that is needed to maintain a regular self-practice independently. Those with ailments are given specific therapeutic attention and guidelines. The Course provides a fundamental framework and inspires one to explore deeper within. The Course is informative, motivational and, above all, experiential, where students feels everything in his/her own body.

30 May to 7 June 2015
Eco Retreat for Yoga, Meditation and Healing
Village Manyana, Dharamsala, (H.P.) India 

We will be serving Vegan Food to enhance better learning

1. Overview

What is Natueco Science?

·         Beyond Organic…. Beyond Farming…!

·         A program for Inner & Outer Abundance & Joy in our Life !

·         Networking the Outer Sun can bring
Self-Sufficiency & Freedom from Needs.
·         Networking our Inner Sun can unleash
Our True Potential and Freedom from Greed.
Gandhiji said,
“We choose to live simply, so that others may simply live."
2. Aim

This Course is suitable for all the individuals interested in a responsible, aware living, for small landholders or garden-holders who would like to become self-sustainable in the production of the food & growing the plants without using fertilisers, pesticides, pollutants and toxins, respecting the Mother Nature and not destroying it. The Course will consist of both - practical & theoretical teachings - but emphasising especially on the practical aspects such as pruning, seed treatment, root treatment, grafting, using the Natueco Science & Philosophy approach as well as respecting the Farming Calendar from Indian Panchang.
Deepak Suchde strongly believes that the type of non-commercial farming for self-sufficiency is possible if a person is SPIRITUALLY inclined. For him, it is not just a Farming, it is a Lifestyle. And in this Course he will share his experiences with us. We will learn how to build fertile living soil “Amrut Mitti”, we will understand our complex relationship and exchange with Nature, that leads to an awakening of our spiritual potential. He says: ”The way we eat determines the way we live and the way we farm; food production represents our relationship with the Earth. If this relationship is free from exploitation and cruelty to animals and the Earth, it positively affects the content of our minds and our lives.” Some has said Give me soil of Nation I will tell health of Nation.
Start becoming the change you want to see in the World!

3. Description of the Place

The Course will take place in the beautiful Himalaya Shanti Ashram, a mountain retreat specializing in the healing power of Yoga and Meditation as well as sustaining our Environmental Awareness. Located on the banks of a sparkling clear river, receiving its water from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, all surrounded by forests and tucked away from the industrial development. It is a true paradise, bringing about quietness and peacefulness unknown in most of the World. Natural dwelling facilities and accommodations provide all that is needed for intensive Yoga and Meditation practice as well as Organic Farming.

4. Biography of Deepak Suchde

Deepak Suchde is an Indian Natueco Farming practitioner, social activist and farmer. Born in 1949 in Mumbai and brought up in a Gandhian family, since childhood he had an inclination to work for society and for the environmental issues. His commitment to Natueco Farming comes from his vision to bring collective consciousness to work in harmony with Nature leading to prosperity for the whole Eco-System.

Currently Deepak Suchde is a visionary and perpetrator of Natueco Farming Lifestyle, Krushi Teerth, Malpani Trust, since 2006, adviser to task force on Organic Farming for Madhya Pradesh since 2009, Non-Government Member of Biodiversity Board of Madhya Pradesh 2012-15.

Since 1995 he is serving voluntarily the Natueco Farming movement for PRAYOGPARIWAR, India, he is consultant for Yusuf Meherally Center for Natueco Science providing training to farmers since 1978.

He presented and participated in number of events related to Organic Farming and Natueco Farming at regional, national and at international level. He conducted many workshops and trainings programmed for Sustainable Agriculture, organized courses and workshops about bringing awareness for organic food and vegetables, about Prosperity on Living Soil, vermicompose, Earthworm culture, Health, Self-help employment, Village community development, Relationship between Agriculture and Water, Pruning, Terrace farming for farmers and other audience. He presented paper at IFOAM 2000 at Zurich, Switzerland 2000 - Role of Nature in Soil Management and Quality and he is mentioned in India Book of Records “Excellence in Environmental Science” 2013.

Since the 70's he was in charge of many pioneer projects in India, such as Nature Cure Center, marketing village products, Water Shed project, Ten Guntha project, organized Ganga Maa Mandal base Permaculture courses, he was promoter of a Company STEER Foundation (Spiritual Training Education Enlightenment Research Foundation), providing training at International level.

He has also written some books and papers on Natueco Science, papers on his talks about Collective Consciousness from the Wholesome World Conference in Geneva 2012, paper on Spiritual Farming, paper on a Sustainable Model for Agricultural Development, paper on a Role of Nature in Soil Management and Quality, IFOAM 2000, Zurich 2000, paper on Soil Rejuvenation by Natueco Science, 2013. Also some DVD-s of his work & teachings were published, i.e. Amrut Mitti, Amrut Jal, Ten Guntha, Ganga Maa Mandal, Root Treatment, Seed Treatment.

5. Biography of yogacharya Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar)

Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar) was born in 1953 and discovered Yoga in 1978. He went through intensive, full-time traininf for over 6 years with Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune. Already after 3 months, Guruji allowed him to assist his classes on all levels. Everyday hours of practice, permitted Sharat Arora to understand in his own body all the asanas and props that B.K.S. Iyengar was showing. However what woke up a special attention in Sharat Arora was the therapy sessions for the people who were coming to the Pune Institute to heal themselves. Seeing how Guruji didn’t deny a help to anyone, serving countless patients even in the most difficult health cases with which western medicine couldn’t deal, he understood his great compassion towards all the people. For that reason, he was like a father to him, the dearest teacher giving an excellent example. So that he could bring help to all of those, who needed guidance in healing their body and soul, Sharat Arora decided to dedicate his life to yoga. His involvement in the Yoga therapy was very significant in his development as a practitioner and teacher. His fusion of this experience and extensive study of Western as well as Ayurvedic medicine, greatly influenced his continually-evolving Yoga technique and sharpened his unique Yoga therapy skills. In following years, his indescribable source of inspiration were: Vipassana meditation practice conducted by Goenkaji himself as well as the enlightened spiritual teachers: Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Poonjaji or “Papaji” the “Dearest Father” as he used to be called lovingly by his dedicated students. A most significant spiritual transformation Sharat Arora went through in the presence of Poonjaji’s light of love. He had that opportunity to learn from him personally, and even had permission to conduct the yoga classes in his Satsang Bhavan. During 37 years  experience of self-practice, teaching and healing, Sharat Arora very much deepened his yoga understanding as well as brought a big input into the B.K.S. Iyengar method.
Sharat Arora clear and precise instructions, constant and detailed attentiveness, focus on providing students with the tools to practice and explore independently, and therapeutic knowledge for treating ailments and injuries, are combined with a spiritual depth that makes his instruction unique.

6. Biography of Beata - certified Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre teacher

Beata Steć-Stańczyk for the first time had a contact with yoga and eastern philosophy in 2005, after that she continued her yoga studies in traditional BKS Iyengar style in Warsaw. In 2009 she went to India to study yoga with yogacharya Sharat Arora at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre to deepen her experience of the universal wisdom of spiritual practice and meditational silence. During that time she continued intensive self-practice, participated in all the most important courses conducted by yogacharya Sharat Arora, as well as completed 6 consequent teachers training courses conducted by him. Under his kind guidance each intensive yoga course was a very deep experience of awakening the body intelligence and creating of inner spaces. Since April 2011, accordingly to yogacharya Sharat Arora request, she started to teach yoga at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre as well as in the Himalaya Shanti Ashram in India and in the summer times to conduct the international yoga workshops abroad to share how fully aware and harmoniously practiced Yoga Asanas influence not only our body, but also create a deeper, full of acceptance relationship to the Inner Self as well as to all the surrounding world.

7. Schedule of the Course

6.00 to 9.00 am – Yoga Class
9.00 to 9.30 am – Breakfast 
9.30 am to 12.30 pm – Farming Class
12.30 to 1.00 pm – Break for Shower or Swim in the River
1.00 to 1.30 pm – Lunch
1.30 to 2.30 pm – Free time/ Rest / Siesta
2.30 to 4.30 –  Farming class
4.30 to 4.45 pm – Tea break
4.45 to 6.00 pm – Farming class
6.00 to 7.00 pm – Free time
7.00 to 7.30 pm - Dinner
7.30 to 8.15 pm – Circle of sharing Pop Up Style.
8.15 to 9.00 pm – Video/Movie
9.00 to 9.15 pm – Tea
9.15 to 10.00 pm – Meditation
10.00 pm - Lights Off / Sleep Time

8. Fees

Course Fee : 15,000 INR
(For Indian citizens we offer 30% discount and for Himachal Pradesh citizens 50% discount from the Course Fee)

The Food & Accommodation has to be covered fully.
Food : 3,500 INR
Accommodation : upon room type of your choice :

Sharing with 2 single beds – 280 and 230 *
Sharing with 2 single beds attached toilet/shower – 330 and 280 *
Single occupation – 450
Single occupation swinging bed – 500
Single occupation attached toilet/shower – 550
Single occupation attached large toilet/shower (room no 1) – 600
Extra large room toilet and bathroom (with kitchenette) 2 persons or family with kids – 1400
* for those sharing a room, downstairs is more expensive than the attic upstairs.
* the rooms will be distributed at place as we know the final number of participants

9. Booking

Number of participants is limited - to ensure the place on the Course the booking has to be done in advance by sending the advance payment.

For more information about the booking & payment please contact us at :

10. Participants feedbacks from the Deepak Suchde courses

Namaste Deepak Baba, thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality. I have had a great time with the other volunteers and yourself and son and was very happy to do the work and learn new concepts that I hadn’t come across before. It has given me the ability to go home and try out Amrut Mitti for myself and suggest this way of farming to others.

I feel I have gained knowledge from being here and am looking forward to going home and testing it for myself and finding ways in which I could make it work in Wales. I am sure that when I one day start an eco community I will need to look more deeply into all of these concepts but I have gained a brief understanding that he only way I feel I can learn more is by doing it myself. 

Namaste Baba. It had been a great experience spending two fruitful months at such divine place. I learnt about Natueco Science and loved its way of farming. Concepts are very deep researched and easy to understand. And the way Deepak Baba explains, it directly fits into the mind. Now I am convinced that Farming is the best profession in the world. It provides prosperity along with freedom, relationship, belongingness and many more benefits.
I am going to explain all these things to farmers in my village and I know that it will definitely improve their situation. Many of them do not know at all about organic farming so I would like to implement it in my nearby area. Whatever I have learnt in this memorable two months will be utilized properly only if reaches to the farmers.
At this age, the energy he has is wonderful and the work he is doing is amazing. I salute you for providing such good knowledge about farming to the country and even to the world.
I spent two months with full enjoyment and lived like I was at home. I would like to conclude by saying that I was lucky to have such great opportunity to learn about Natueco and I am thankful to Baba for converting this opportunity into a fruitful exercise.
Thank you, Take Care of Vatsal Bhaiya and yourself

Himalaya Shanti Ashram (HISHA)
Village Manyana, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, North India

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre (HIYC)
Village Dharamkot, Dharamsala, 176219, Himachal Pradesh, North India
Winter Centre : Madhlo Vaddo, Arambol, 403524, North Goa

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