Friday, May 29, 2015

EVENT : Natural Farming Training Session by Bhaskar Save Natural Farming Training Center

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are glad to inform you that Bhaskar bhai is stable now. We are planing to organize our next Natural farming training session at Kalparuksha from 3 to 8 June, 2015. The course will be conducted in Hindi. The teachers/guides will include Bhaskar Save, Naresh Save, Suresh Save, Ashok Sanghavi, and guest lecturers like Dhirendra Soneji, Vasant Futane, Bharat Mansata, Deepak Sachde and others (according to availability) 
Topics covered under the program will be:
Basic Principles of Natural Farming; 
Orchard development; 
Dry-land mix cropping; 
Natural Farming: Life-style; 
And so on… 
Apart from talks, discussions, observation, personal reading and reflection/self-study, the course will include two hours of practical farm work every morning and late afternoon, or a total of 4 hours each day. Farm visits will also be organized as and when possible.
The application form can be downloaded from website
A personal or telephonic interview may also be required before final confirmation of enrollment.

Bhaskar Save Natural Farming Training Center 

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