Saturday, September 12, 2015

ACT! Let us protest the CNN-IBN and Monsanto nonsense on Smart Agriculture!

A programme in partnership with Monsanto that NDTV was forced to dump due to viewer pressure (many of you were actually part of that protest action, if you remember), is now being picked up by CNN-IBN to pass off their utter nonsense as Smart Agriculture!! 

We need to protest this spread of falsehoods and faulty solutions.
Most of you are on facebook and twitter. Come on, get onto your fb pages and twitter accounts and start protesting this nonsense dumped on viewers. This is what I posted. is their facebook page. 
SHAME on @ibnlive for passing off Monsanto nonsense as smart agri; prgm dumped by @ndtv respecting viewers' sentiments, picked up by@ibnlive
Take 5 minutes off to do this, please. Please also forward this message onto other groups that you are a part of.

SOURCE : Egroup

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