Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EVENT : Mumbai Seed Savers Meet on 19th Sep 2015

The Seed Savers meet up has been scheduled! It will be on Saturday, September 19th, 3 pm at Flyover Farm, Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai.

The address is: 
Rooftop of Mohamedi Manzil, above Ruhani Restaurant, opposite Zakaria Masjid bus stop, on main Mohammed Ali Road, very close to the Masjid Bunder signal.
​Google pin to Ruhani Restaurant:
The purpose of this meet up:
- To get all seed lovers and savers (at an organizational or individual level) in and around Mumbai together in one room, talking and sharing.
The tentative agenda:
- Introductions. Share and showcase seeds. What's happening with your own seed collection?
- Discuss why it is important to save seeds & start a Mumbai wide seed saving and exchange collective.
- What do we imagine in our collective seed saving future?
- How can we make this possible? What are the necessary long term, short term and immediate steps?
- What are we able to commit to?
- Please bring some seeds you consider special to show or share with others!

Please RSVP to this email address by Wednesday, September 16th.
If you have any questions or simply need directions please call me at 9820034213.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Aditi Punj

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