Sunday, February 14, 2016

March 2016, Permaculture design course @ Sakar Eco Village, Bhor, near Pune

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest-growing
grassroot movements in India?

 Gain practical experience restoring soil, harvesting water, and implementing ecological, productive food systems?

Earn the confidence and ability to create
exceptional, sustainable designs for any context?

Then please join the Academy for Earth Sustainability
from March 19th to March 31st for our
Permaculture Design Course at Sakar EcoVillage
Just 88 kilometers from Pune 

 This course offers a comprehensive introduction to permaculture principles, design practices and their application, with a particular focus on permaculture in community. Our 13-day program allows participants ample time to digest theory, get hands-on experience and become part of the daily rhythms of the EcoVillageIn addition to learning creative and practical techniques for designing abundant food, water, energy and housing systems, we will dig deeper into what it takes to create authentic and sustainable community. 

Our primary instructor, Narsanna Koppula, is India’s most renowned permaculture practitioner. Trained by Bill Mollison in the 1980s, Narsanna has worked tirelessly for the last three decades to bring ecological and sustainable agricultural  to thousands of farmers across India. Narsanna has also been selected to host the International Permaculture Convergence in 2017. 

This course follows the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Curriculum, with a specific focus on: soil rehabilitation and erosion control, plant identification & propagation, agroforestry & forest gardening, earthworks & water harvesting, organic food production, natural building & passive solar design, and sustainable human settlements.

Our mailing address is:
The Academy for Earth Sustainabilty
Andheri East
Near International Airport
Mumbai 400099

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