Friday, June 24, 2016

EVENT : Vanvadi Calendar, June-July 2016 (home gardening/live fencing/SRI rice cultivation/on millets/on mahua/forest walks/community rice transplanting)

1) Saturday, June 11 onward: Hands-on live hedge planting camp. This will continue till mid July. All are invited to join and help for a day or two (or longer) when you can. (If anyone can help us source 5 kg of sagargota seeds, and about one kg each of shikakai and chillar – for planting along our long external boundary – please phone Bharat: 9967371183. Smaller quantities of other live hedge planting material are also welcome.)

2) Saturday, June 18 to Sunday, June 19: ‘Hands-on Home Food Gardening Workshop’ by Julius Rego. (Requested contribution: Rs 1,500 per adult, Rs 1,000 per child, including food and stay; please see earlier post.)

3) Saturday, July 2 and Sunday, July 3: Two separate Forest Foods Foraging Walks at Vanvadi – requested contribution: Rs 500 per adult per day and Rs 300 per child per day, inclusive of lunch with at least 2 foraged forest food recipes and millet bhakris.

4) Saturday, July 9 to Sunday, July 10: ‘Workshop on SRI Method of Cultivating Rice and Millets’: by Jacob Nellithanam; along with SRI system transplanting of our millets at Vanvadi.
Requested contribution: Rs 1,500, including food and stay. 
(( "SRI in Rice and Nachni can increase the average yield of farmers by doubling the yield if SRI principles are followed thoroughly. Using preferred local rice varieties of Rice and Ragi. Completely in organc conditions and inputs. There is some manual tools to be introduced. Its climate resilient system because of low consumption of water and rainfed for millets, In case of a severe failure. of early rains in June / July you can go for Nachni planting in August ensuring food and fodder in many central Indian states where rainfall is average. Last year in Rajasthan report of 1600 kilograms per acre yield of Ragi in 1st year."  - Jacob Nellithanam))

5) Saturday, July 16 to Sunday, July 17: Traditional Community Rice Transplanting at Vanvadi and at Bua’s field in Chinchwadi adivasi village – requested contribution: Rs 500 per adult per day and Rs 300 per child per day, inclusive of food and stay.

6) Saturday-Sunday, July 23-24 or 30-31: ‘Malhar Mania with Mahua and Music’ (Mahua cooking workshop with Aparna Pallavi, subject to her confirmation of the dates. An update will be posted in a few days.

Advance intimation would help us plan for appropriate numbers. There is a ‘ceiling’ of 30 for the workshops, which require prior registration. The suggested contributions are to support the work at Vanvadi. (Less or more would be equally welcome.) Voluntary labour, or support in kind, are also helpful, and much needed.

Participants are requested to register by filling this form -

You would need to bring along: umbrella or raincoat, change of clothes, torch, sleeping mat/bag, 2 sheets, a plate, bowl, spoon, and any music instruments you play; also any seeds/planting material you would like to share with us, especially local (non-hybrid) varieties of vegetables, fruit, and live hedge species suited to the Konkan.

Vanvadi is a collectively owned forest, regenerated over the past 21 years. It aspires to evolve as an ecological forest village community. Accommodation is simple and shared in the new community home built last summer. We have no electricity or piped water; cooking is over firewood.
Directions to Vanvadi are given here:

For further information, please email,
or phone Mayuree: 9930432804, Faiza: 9820683281, Vinita/Zui: 022-23542420, Tejal: 9833707598.

Caution: 1) The rock pool, when full, is over 15 ft deep. For non-swimmers and learners, there are shallower water bodies, which Bua or Daulat there can show you. 2) Each child visiting Vanvadi should be accompanied with a responsible adult.

Request: Please respect the land and the people; and carry back any plastics or non-biodegradables that you bring. Would be great if you can help leave the place nicer than you found it with your good will!

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