Friday, December 5, 2014

LIST : Government Reports


1. 2004 Report of the Task Force on Application of Agricultural Biotechnology (India)

2. 2010 MOEF, Decision on Bt Brinjal (India)

3. 2010 Annexures - Report by CEE  on consultations on Bt Brinjal (India)

4. 2012 Report of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture on GM crops (India)

5. 2012 Report of MoEF's Western Ghats Expert Ecology Panel (WGEEP) (India)

6. 2012 Interim Report of the Technical Expert Committee (TEC) of the Supreme Court (India)

7. 2013 FINAL REPORT of the Technical Expert Committee (TEC) of the Supreme Court along with the covering letter, corigendum and annexures (India)

8. 2014 Report of High-Level Committee set by MoEF ( cautions severe adverse impact on biodiversity through gene-flow )

Compilation by Tejal Vishweshwar

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