Saturday, December 6, 2014

LIST : Booklet/ Leaflet/ Document/ Paper

1. To get the matter in a gist check, check article, 'GMOs - Concerns & Impacts' on page 10 & 11 in newsletter- People for Conservation special issue on Agro-biodiversity 

2. "10 reasons we don't need GM foods" based on GMO Myths & Truths

3. GMOs Myths & Truth (English) -

4. Genetically Modified Foods and Crops: some facts that everyone should know -

5. Compilation of Scientific papers on Adverse Impact of GMOs -

6. Why Genetically modified Crops pose a Threat to Peasants, Food Sovereignity, Health, and Biodiversity on the Planet - a summary of scientific arguments ( 14 August 2014 )

7. Can GM and Organic Co-Exist in India?

8. Marathi write up on GM seeds

9. 10 years of Bt cotton : False Hype and Failed Promises

10. Scientific Evidence on Ecological Agriculture in India: new book from ASHA

11. Small producer agency in the globalised market: making choices in a changing world

12. Global Report on GM crops, April 2014, from Friends of the Earth International (FoEI)

13. Who Benefits from GMcrops ? the expansion of Agribusiness interest in Africa through biosafety policy - 2015 Report by Friends of Earth International (FoEI)

14. Resources on GM Mustard
On GM mustard, you can access a Briefing Paper in English here. Hindi version is available here along with BengaliGujaratiMalayalamOdiyaPunjabiTamil,Telugu.
Posters on GM mustard in English and Hindi can be downloaded here.

15. Slide presentation on GM Mustard, Risks and Threats

Compilation by Tejal Vishweshwar

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