Friday, June 12, 2015

EVENT : Workshop on cooking with Mahua flowers on 4th July 2015 @ Nagpur

Workshop on cooking with mahua flowers by Aparna Pallavi. All are welcome! 
On 4th July 2015, a four-hour workshop on cooking delicious dishes out of mahua flowers. Both traditional tribal dishes and dishes innovated by me will be part of the course.
 Venue and timings:
Praneet Bhandari 501, 5th floor, Shree Mohini Raj, Raghukul creations, Khare Town, Dharampeth, Nagpur – 440011, 4 to 8 pm,

 Mahua flowers are a very important forest food used by tribal and rural populations in a large part of India. According to scientific rese...arch, it is rich in iron, phosphorous and calcium. Research by Hydrabad-based National Institute of Nutrition shows that it is nutritionally richer than raisins (kihsmish). According to traditional wisdom of Gond, Baiga and Madia tribes, mahua is ‘warm’ in its nature and its consumption in the rainy season protects from chills, colds, body-aches and other illnesses common to the monsoons. 

 During this workshop, we will learn the following dishes:
Mahua roti / bhakhar (traditional)
Sweet Mahua sherbet (traditional)
Tangy mahua rasam (my innovation)
Mahua laddoo (traditional)
Mahua and ambadi seed bhoonja (traditional)
Mahua paak (traditional)
Mahua jowar sweet cheela (dosa) (my innovation)

 We will also discuss the importance of forest foods in our nutrition and ecology, and discuss ways of sustainably procuring mahua flowers in a way that benefits our community as well as tribal communities which have protected mahua trees and conserved the food traditions around the flowers.

 About the facilitator Aparna Pallavi :
Aparna Pallavi has been an environment journalist for more than 15 years now, during which she has worked extensively with tribal communities of Central India. She has researched and written extensively on tribal traditions around forest foods. She is also a changemaker working on peace-making and sustainability in the area of food and nutrition. Her dream is to work towards a world where all people are able to conserve forest-based wild food landscapes and meet a large part of their needs from them to meet both their need for varied, delicious and nutritious food and a cleaner and safer environment.

 Contribution :
This workshop is organized in the spirit of gift culture. The facilitator recommends a minimum contribution of Rs 500 per person. You can pay more if you are able to afford it and feel that Aparna’s dreams are important and wish to contribute towards them. If you are not able to pay the minimum amount, kindly contact Aparna Pallavi at 94225598339422559833, and a full or partial fellowship will be organized for you.

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