Thursday, June 11, 2015

BUY Organic Grains and Pulses directly from Grower

from Vipul Sanghavi

''Vaatsalya'' - our farm is blessed with organically grown varieties of Rice, Black Til, Mustard, Tur, hand pounded Tur daal, Chanaa, hand pounded Chanaa daal, kadu vaal. Please see pictures ( if interested

You eat only what you ask for, what you pay for, what the nature has gifted, what the Mother Earth has produced. We grow above grains and pulses with NO urea, NO man made pesticides or fertilizers, NO chemicals, NO poison!

Text/whatsapp/call me at (91)9821546551 or Manisha at (91)9870546551 for enquiry
— with Manisha Sanghavi and Vatsal Sanghavi.

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