Saturday, January 30, 2016

EVENT : Nagpur Seed Festival, 2016 (19, 20, 21 Feb)

• In the times of chemical farming and G.M. seeds, Mr. Anant Bhoyar from Nagpur is practicing organic farmin...g with determination of producing poison-less food.

• Mr. Harshil Awchat of Nagpur is trying to provide pure edible oil with the help of expeller technology, while most of the market is full of adulterated oil.

• A group of farmers in Akola is producing indigenous cotton when more than 90% of the area under cotton in our country is B.T. Cotton.

• Gram Sewa Mandal in Wardha is producing Khadi by keeping alive the Charkhas and handlooms, so that we won't have to surrender the cloth market to the fabric factories which are centralizing wealth and polluting environment with hazardous chemicals.

• At the times when people are finding more respectful and comfortable to leave villages and and find a job in cities, a software professional from Nagpur, Prachi Mahurkar, has left her job and started farming.

• When most people prefer to shop on-line and from supermarkets, there are some people who wants to develop direct relationships with farmers and fulfill their agri-produce needs directly from farmers.

• People like these, farmers, consumers, activists are trying to come together and build a movement to pursue on policies that are encouraging to the development of exploitation free agriculture and the production of poison-less food.

 Will these efforts prove to be sufficient enough to build this movement? Will our food be poison-free some day? Will the exploitation of farmers stop some day?

 These are bigger questions. May be beyond our reach as a common person. But we do not have to worry about them. But one thing we will definitely be able to do. That is to meet these people, to understand their experiences. If we are consumer, we can buy food from them if possible, keep in touch with them and keep buying from them. If we are farmers, we can meet the consumers who are enthusiastic about organic food, build relationships with them. If we are activists, we can try to meet these different people and try to understand our role in this process, figure out where we can be helpful. For three days, we can chit-chat, try to understand each other, sing, dance, enjoy the organic food and be the part of this celebration of healthy food and sustainable farming.

 We will be gathering again for 'Seed Festival' in Nagpur, which has been taking place here since last three years. At this same place we will have the exhibition and sale of indigenous seeds, organic agriculture produce and also the informative exhibit on related issues.

 Join us in this journey, for poison-free food in our plates, for our kids, for the farmers who are producing food for us!

Revolution is not something you can have, revolution is something you live!

From 19 February 4.00 P.M. to 21 February

at Sarvoday Ashram (Vinoba Vichar Kendra), Near Bole Petrol Pump, Amravati Road, Nagpur.

to register online >

For more information :
Nikhil Lanjewar +91 9372475025, Akash Naoghare +91 9766912745,
Kirti Mangrulakar +91 9552556465, Rupinder Nanda +91 9860731666,
Prachi Mahurkar +91 9823612468, Anant Bhoyar +91 9049641474


  1. Will there be speakers in Marathi for this festival.

  2. Marathi speaking peoples but hindi speaking also will participate though less in number .
    vasant Futane